~ 3DWebscapes

Animated Story Landscapes for the 3DWeb.

~ 3DWeb

Web3D, VR, and AR - The latest wave of web technologies is here!
Collectively known as the 3DWeb, stream a 3DWebPipeline to production, and serve as 3DWebscapes!

~ Everything needed for a Heroic Journey in the palm of your hand!

~ 3DWeb-Pipeline

~ 3D-Modeling, Rigging, and Animations

Anything you can imagine can be created and uploaded to the web.
Open-Source example: Blender

~ Lighting, Materials, Shaders, ...

Did you know the color of a 3D object in 3DWeb has less to do with how it looks than the lighting! Open-Source example: Babylon

~ Audio-Systems

Web audio has come a long way in the past decade. We can now acoustically emulate the ambience of a concert-hall, cave, or a canyon! Enjoy the sound of wind, rain, and relaxing background music. Example: Howler, LMMS.

~ Immersive-Storytelling

Strong dialog is no magic-trick. Immersive stories touch our heart, emotion, and shared sentiment. Craft a narrative that tugs at heart-strings and whisks you away to a far-off-land like you've never seen before!
Design Pattern: Hero's Journey

~ Interactive-Systems

Mixing the allure of the well-written-word, with movie-magic, and interludes of 3D gaming sequences into the 3DWeb. Where plot-twists and power-verbs ignite our imagination! And all the 3DWeb is a stage...

~ Social-Network-Channels

We see the 3DWeb is just beginning. Making it the best time ever to search for new ways to weave a thrill-of-achievement, with the impact of an immersive-story, into the social-web. Show friends! Get credit! Collect and discover something new!

~ Make contact...

Need 3DWeb, VR, AR, or a Creative-Technologist?

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